Hi, my name is Breanna and this is my company, Breeze Photography. I am a simple girl who grew up traveling North and South America observing moments that needed to be captured. I took pictures everywhere on my 1 megapixel phone camera having no clue photography would be my life.


I live in Sunny, Southern California along the coast with my husband and two daughters. I search for special couples so I can capture their most special moments.  

I strive to capture the true joy and happiness that shines between you and your fiance. On your wedding day I look for the moments that bring butterflies to your stomach, the good butterflies. 


I look forward to connecting with you and following you on your wedding journey. I will be just as excited as you to capture the moments that mean the most.

I'm a wild but old soul who loves family time. I've been a lucky wife for 7 years and we are blessed with two girls! Our oldest is 7 and our youngest is a 2019 newborn! I love game nights, a hint of coffee in my caramel creamer and blankets...LOTS and LOTS of blankets. Ironically for a wedding photographer, I love the rain and my child MUST splash in puddles when Sunny San Diego gets them. I love romance, Journey, and Sade.


So here's the truth, I stumbled upon wedding photography on accident and found the reason for my being. I started my photography degree with a goal to be a National Geographic Wildlife Photographer. I found myself at the zoo photographing the connection between people and the animals. I was looking for the love in their eyes. I love to capture those moments that fill the soul with joy. As I continued my journey I was asked to help a friend photograph a wedding and that wedding changed my life. When I was able to capture an entire day filled with a connection of love, I melted. I could feel my heart beat out of my chest at the thought I could photograph such incredible moments and make them last a lifetime. Here I am today living a life of pure joy because I am able to provide newlyweds a memory of the day they began the rest of their lives. 


One thing I must add...I am a HUGE, GIGANTIC, fan of Jim Carrey...so expect a humorous personality because what I love the most is laughing...and Jesus. To wrap this up with an overall idea...my cheeks hurt on a daily.


Well, lets get back to YOU. I can't wait to connect and find that spark that brought you here! I made emailing a BREEZE because lets face it...the easier the better during wedding planning. Just click the inquiry form button below, fill in the slots and I will personally get back to you. 


I hope you enjoy my portfolio and I look forward to capturing your special day!  

"Enjoy this moment, this moment is your life."

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